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Atmospheric Perspectives

These paintings demonstrate my desire to capture and share the experience of being a part of the natural world – away from the machines and technology that tend to isolate us from that world.  Like the 19th Century Romantic artists, I seek to both celebrate Nature and draw attention to its vulnerability; to capture the emotional experience and spiritual connection between humans and the natural world. As someone that is concerned about climate change and the exploitation of the environment, I also cannot avoid those issues in my work.

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That Chant of the Seasons - Fall
That Chant of the Seasons IV
That Chant of The Seasons I
That Chant of the Seasons II
That Chant of the Seasons III
The Gloaming: VA 778
Wedding Day
Out of the Blue
To Bind Together Even As They Pull Apart
Into The Blue
In The Way
In The Way II
Taste the Tin of the Sky
A Hard Rain
Weather Or Naught
Thru The Gloaming
To Find Yourself In The Infinite
Shadow Of Doubt
Dusk-Dawn #1
Dusk/Dawn #2
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